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55 days ago / The Virtual Pimp
Yurizan Beltran dies from overdose

Once again, 2017 provides us with the loss of yet another young, adult porn star. The news of Yurizan Beltran’s passing has swirled around for a few weeks now, but we wanted to wait until more details were provided before we weighed in. Yurizan was found dead on December 13, 2017 of what is being reported as an accidental drug overdose.  Yurizan Beltran was a natural beauty, with an all natural body that stopped men and women in their tracks. When she first surfaced as a non-nude model, there was hope she would stay in that genre or even go mainstream, because she seemed so innocent and pure. But the porn star lure pulled her in and she began doing hardcore adult work. With over 250+ adult films under her belt, people close to her say she used drugs to cope with different things, but she was by no means an addict.  The porn industry isn’t easy and there will be an increasing trend of suicide and death as these young women lead their lives on social media and are judged by total strangers who have no idea who they really are. Let’s try not to judge these ladies. They are adults and made a decision for themselves. They aren’t harming children or forcing anyone to watch. Do what you do, and let them do what they do. Accidental death or suicide, it’s a sad day when someone loses their life and Yurizan had much more life to live, since she was only 31 years old. Rest In Peace, Miss Beltran. Heaven has yet another goddess to look at. You will be missed.

71 days ago / The Virtual Pimp
August Ames commits suicide.

2017 has been a tough year for the Adult Industry so far. We’ve lost another popular Porn Star, August Ames. At only 23 years of age, it appears she took her own life after some confrontations on Twitter, over some comments she made about choosing not work with men that also work in gay the porn industry. You can see more on her suicide here. It’s really sad that she felt she to take her own life over this “cyber bullying” nonsense. She’s a grown ass woman, and can choose who she wants to work with, for whatever reason she wants. I mean really, she’s the one taking the dick.  May you rest in peace Mercedes Grabowski. You’ve been taken away too soon, but hopefully your passing with keep others from choosing the same fate.  Her final tweet really says it all and should be addressed to all of those that piled on and harassed her over her own personal preference of who to work with.  Feel free to share your favorite images of this Porn Star hottie, gone too soon. Mercedes Grabowski aka. August Ames – 08/24/1994 to 12/05/2017. RIP.

We’d like to second that with a BIG FUCK ALL Y’ALL from Amateur Porn Pros!

105 days ago / The Virtual Pimp
Retired Porn Star Shyla Stylez has died

Sad news APP family. Blonde hottie Shyla Stylez was found unresponsive by her Mother. Shyla was a blonde hottie with a body to kill for and did some great stuff in the world of porn and even some mainstream work. No info on how or why she died, but we miss her already. RIP Shyla Stylez. AVN has the full story here.  In honor of Miss Stylez, please share some of your favorite content she was featured in. RIP Shyla Stylez.  09/23/1982 – 11/10/2017boardboardboardboardboard

130 days ago / The Virtual Pimp

Hey Guys and Ladies!

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